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Quiet Gadgets and Products

Quiet Gadgets and Products helps you to source sound mitigation products, or appliances and other gadgets with reduced noise levels. The Right to Quiet Society provides this list merely for its readers' convenience. The society does not endorse any of these products or companies, and reserves the right to limit postings at its discretion.

Backup Warning Devices
Earplugs/hearing protection
Range Hoods
Garage Door Openers
GSW Superflue
Headphones and Headsets
Lawn Mowers—Push-Reel
Lawn Mowers—Electric
Leaf Collection
Noise Snare
Personal Computers
Sound Localization
Sound Level Meters

Backup Warning Devices

  • SenseTech
    Senses objects behind a vehicle and alerts the operator to their presence, eliminating the need for a backup warning device.


  • ASKO
    In consumer tests, 91 percent rated ASKO as quietest; 30 percent of the unit’s weight is sound deadening material.
  • Bosch
    A highly advanced, integrated sound reduction system makes the Bosch SH dishwasher series “so quiet you almost have to touch them to know they’re running.”
  • Electrolux AEG
    Has the lowest noise level and water consumption (15 litres) on the market.

Ear plugs /hearing protection

Range Hoods

  • Sears
    The “Kenmore Elite” line of range hoods fan noise is some 50% reduced.

Solutions for excessive dog barking

Garage Door Openers

  • Whisper Drive by Liftmaster
    Ideal for garages with living space above or directly attached.

  • GSW Superflue

    • The GSW Superflue is the quietest power-vented gas water-heater on the market, according to one R2Q-member. "I've measured it myself inside a house and out, and it works beautifully compared to others" he said.
    • Headphones and Headsets

      Lawn Mowers—Push-Reel

      Yep, they still make the motorless reel mower. We find it just as easy to push as the heavy, noisy gas-guzzlers. Once you’ve used one, you’ll wonder what all that weekend racket is accomplishing.

      • American Lawn Mower Co.
        “Founded in 1895... largest producer of push reel mowers operating in the United States.”
      • Sunlawn
        Lightest, Quietest push reel mower available—“#1 Selling push mower in Europe.”

      Lawn Mowers—Electric

      • RoboMow
        This battery powered robot mower is “practically silent, with low energy consumption and no pollution.”
      • Husqvarna Automatic Battery Powered Mower
        Fully automatic. Even returns to its own charging station as needed.
      • Husqvarna Solar Mower “Almost Soundless”
        The Solar Mower won’t annoy anyone. Both you and your neighbours can enjoy an afternoon lazing in the sun.

      Leaf Collection

      • LEAF IT Netting
        Netting allowing silent collection of fallen leaves and undisturbed growth of newly seeded grassy areas underneath.

      Noise Snare


To the untutored ear it might just sound like a load of quaking, but researchers have discovered that Britain's ducks, much like its people, have distinct regional accents.

Ducks from London make a rougher sound which resembles shouting so that fellow birds can hear them above the hubbub of city life, whereas their country cousins make a softer sound, a study found.

The differences were uncovered after academics at London's Middlesex University recorded the calls of ducks at a city farm in the capital and at a tranquil location in Cornwall, southwest England, the Guardian newspaper reports.

—The Province,
June 2004

Fall 2004

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