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Content Fall 2017
Quiet Please!Psychologists are increasing awareness
     of the harmful effects noise has on cognition and health
Sh, Sh, Sh
In Pursuit of Silence
Some vessels honour Port of Vancouver go-slow request
     to protect killer whales
Tuned in: plant roots use sound to locate water
Indigenous stories lead scientists to discover plants can hear
Watch this blind man 'see' the world with sound
Up, up in the air: flying taxis are taking off
Planning ahead for International Noise Awareness Day
     and World Listening Day
Vancouver Police Department rolls out new rides
Rescuers need silence

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Content Spring 2017
Noisy hospitals are putting patients at risk: here's why
Can't sleep? Neither can this doctor: here's what he did
Infrasound in mating displays: a peacock's tail
The science of quieter cities
Do certain sounds make you want to punch someone?
The cardiovascular effect of musical genres
Ranking roster of noise exposure
35th anniversary of the Right to Quiet Society

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Content Winter 2017
Rare Earth Sound
Which is safer - tonal or Broadband Reversing Alarms?
Calgary noise bylaw gets a rewrite for when bands drop the bass
Cities try different tactics to regulate noise
The mystery noise driving the world mad
The Quiet Coalition debuts in the USA
Loud enough for you?

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Content Fall 2016
Why silence is becoming the ultimate luxury
Using gliders to listen for whales 24/7
EEA Report No 14/2016
Health effects of noise
Train service in Europe
Vermont church 'bells' take their toll on neighbours
Tiger moths use ultrasonic signals to warn bats: toxic not tasty
Woodpecker drumming signals wimp or warrior
Noise pollution in Tokyo
Notice of Annual General Meeting
Ultrasound used to teach Cantonese
Timely response to New York Times article about disabilities

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Content Spring 2016
Why silence is so good for your brain
Tunes for the road
Loud car stereos get earful from top court
Heathrow pays for adobe huts to protect pupils' ears
  from aircraft noise
Horn honking thwarts thieves
Music in the brain
Do quiet areas afford greater health-related quality of life
  than noisy areas?
Film fan wants ban on eating popcorn in cinemas
The deepest, darkest place on earth is eerily noisy
The sounds of eating may reduce how much you eat

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Content Winter 2016
A Point of View: Why it's time to turn the music off
Beware! Noise could kill you
Seals prefer quiet times for courting
Eating without noise in Spain
In quest for more stillness, researchers make lots of noise
How Germany's love of silence led to the first earplug
Planes to follow new 'quieter' flight paths
The sound of heavy traffic might take a toll on mental health
Rumble strips driving villagers round the bend

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Content Fall 2015
Staying the course with a challenging campaign
London deaths linked to noise pollution in study
Activists call on citizens to post norm violation details on
Facebook page
How a solar owl device hopes to deliver a silent night in the city
Hydroplane station in Strait of Georgia to monitor shipping noise and whales
The long-running war between the whales and the United States Navy is over
Daimler's noise monster
Road traffic and railway noise exposures and adiposity in adults:
a cross-sectional analysis of the Danish diet, cancer,
and health cohort
Noise pollution complaints prompt city meeting
Are there any places on earth not touched by noise pollution?

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Content Spring 2015
Boat noise stops fish finding home
Ship noise makes crabs get crabby
Noisy icebergs
Drifting iceberg spins out ocean tunes
Monitoring and modelling sound levels at landscape scales in U.S. National Parks
How "learned deafness" might be letting noise pollution win
Student takes silver in science for harnessing noise
Scientists develop echolocation in humans to aid the blind
Could you pipe down? My ears thank you
Your jam could be bad for your ears, WHO says
Science's loud goodbye
20th Annual International Noise Awareness Day Wednesday,
April 29, 2015
Knox Metropolitan Church bells ring for King Abdullah
Swiss cow bells under threat
Mortality from respiratory causes linked to noise pollution

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Content Winter 2015
Primal pull of a baby crying reaches across species
International Noise Awareness Day 20th Anniversary
Elephants predict rain from 300 kilometres away
Working in an office is bad for your brain
A sound idea: can ambient noise make us work harder?
Beijing parks adopt noise bans
Music-free restaurant in Vancouver
The paradox of music-evoked sadness: an online study
Folk fest director, city councillor want updated noise bylaw
Single chords convey distinct emotional qualities to both naive and expert listeners
Airport working to cut noise as complaints mount
Wind turbines like 'nightmare neighbours'
Hamburglar steals solace
"Silence the Horns" project needs your letters
Senior suing Fort Saskatchewan over loud motorcycles

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Content Fall 2014
Silence as a national marketing slogan
Noise pollution: Bring (relief from) the noise
Mighty mine disaster
Perfect sound absorber defies logic
Calgary police issue warnings in first blitz against earsplitting vehicles
Uproar at noisy 5:00am starts by binmen
Jurisdiction re. noise from boats on the water around Vancouver
Chimes of Handel may be silenced by a single complaint

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Content Spring 2014
Elephants can detect human foes by their voice and language
Ancient whale fossils reveal early origin of echolocation
Owls' silent flight may lead to quieter planes and subs
Update of WHO guidelines for community noise for the European Region
Long Beach hopes mulch wall will make Hudson Park a healthier place
Do-nothing report on noisy air conditioners rejected by city committee
Auditory and non-auditory effects of noise on health
European Parliament tackles underwater industrial noise pollution
Helicopter noise made visible for the first time
Why digital sounds are so annoying
Sounding off about noise pollution - book review
Gatwick runway challenge to Heathrow

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Content Winter 2014
Brain processes each type of music differently
Play That One Again: the Effect of Music Tempo on Consumer Behaviour in a Restaurant
Pensioners out of tune with loud music in shops
Chorus of complaints at 'noisy' opera
Loud and fast music slows down the brain
Apps for Apes
Tossing a towel over noise pollution
Noise in hospitals as a strain for the medical staff
Low-frequency noise: a biophysical phenomenon
Perception-based protection from low-frequency sounds may not be enough
Loud. Louder. Lifeless
Founder of the Right to Quiet Society - Obituary
New Year's Eve racket witnessed in Berlin
Extremely Loud: Sound as a Weapon

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Content Fall 2013
I'm thinking. Please. Be Quiet.
The 25th International Congress on Acoustics
Noise stress for patients in hospitals - a literature survey
Pedestrian alert sound system on hybrid and electric vehicles
Are vehicles driven in electric mode so quiet that they need acoustic warning signals?
Noise pollution can lead to heart disease
Hush those engines: noisy bikes targeted
Inventor of Noise Snare says City of Calgary bylaw officials have bungled using the technology
Neighbours sick as a parrot over blabbering Buddy's noisy antics.

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Content Spring 2013
The hum that helps to fight crime
Chicks like consonant music
Dolphins imitate calls
Creating energy from noise pollution
Effects of cell-phone conversations
Nature's nurturing quiet versus noisome noise
Recording and documenting nature's own sounds
Why noise-induced hearing loss is a growing threat
What to do when noise annoys
Burst metal concert: destruction yes, but please don't wreck anything
Distracting beeps
Wise contemplation

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Content Winter 2013
Dog-gone stories
The early bird gets the worm
Grasshoppers alter their courtship song around traffic noise
Campaign to stop misuse of horn-honking
High cost of noise
Effects of industrial wind turbine noise on sleep and health
Citizens' task force calls for wind power moratorium
Science fact or science fiction: robins and worms
The Mozart effect
Sonic-enhanced food
Pacific and Atlantic herring produce burst pulse sounds

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Content Fall 2012
Low noise levels can damage the hearing centres of the brain
Leaf-blowers where they should not be
Loud Music and more alcohol consume
Psychology of Sound
Softer restaurant music, lighting can help cut calories, study says
Motorcycle pipes - to muffle or not to muffle
Tampering with motorcycle noise control systems is illegal in the USA
Can't hear the fire truck coming? Meet the Howler
The fight against noise pollution
Frail ban on night flights
Heart attacks more likely where traffic is louder
Ban on crowing for dawn chorus rooster
Smartphone goes out the window
Noise in 95 metres height
A continuing effort to address misuse of non-emergency horn honking
Problems with noise in neonatal care

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Content Spring 2012
Looking Back: The Right to Quiet Society celebrates its 30th Anniversary
Consultation request and responses
Young males biggest victims in headphone-related collisions: US study
Soundwalks: a way to learn to listen to one's surroundings
Streets get 'ears' to tackle noise
'Enticement noise' from commercial premises violates by-law
Brouhaha over holy noise in the Holy Land
Stabbed to death for noise complaint
On a proposed 'Quiet Revolution'
Reader's letter to Alive magazine
Man-made noise disrupts the growth of plants and trees

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Content Winter 2012
'Noise Snare' to be tested in Calgary
Europe introduces new rules to cut noise pollution from traffic
Planned calming of traffic noise in Germany
Tug of war over airport expansions
Vintners want quiet
Fly Quiet Awards given to three airlines by YVR
Ground Run-up Enclosure at YVR
Blackbirds and traffic noise
Settlement in case of wind-farm noise
Dyslexics struggle with blocking background noise
Dolphin echo-locating abilities may diminish due to man-made noise
Hearing loss possibly linked to increased risk of dementia
Heating sounds hamper classroom learning
Winning idea inspired by noise
Two petitions worth supporting

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Content Fall 2011
Loud TV-ads to tone down
Broadcasting regulatory policy CRTC 2011-584
Marketing with seductive video, audio and scents
The sound of music
Amplified noise from boats-update
Ox surprises holiday-makers after plunge into Atlantic
Royal noise annoys
Documenting the sound of fallen trees(and planes)
Noise pollution hard on heart as well as ears
Hospitals drowning in noise
Legal action over propane cannon noise
An encouraging improvement
Why do people play music in public through a phone

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Content Spring 2011
Leaf blower blues
Aircraft noise study
Noise complaints prompt city to look at changing bylaw
Fish are being threatened by rising levels of man-made noise pollution
Whistling Caterpillars
Scientists tune in to the Voices of the Landscape
Fraser's Penguins
Amplified entertainment noise from boats
How malls can save both the Earth and your ears 2
Musical Brains
Shhhh! Quiet!
WHO book on noise
Noise protection wall under protection

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Content Winter 2011
Buenos Aires noisiest city, according to study
Noise Information Seminar dates for 2011 at YVR
Province readers' objections to noise
Loud workplaces - increases health risk
Quiet asphalt tested in Europe
Whales must shout over marine noise, says study
Elephant communication
Music on pigs' menu
Most cellphones are in Chile
Request for quiet on B.C. Ferries
Ear-witness report on New Year's noise
Quest for quiet restaurants, stores

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Content Fall 2010
Three books on noise reviewed
Wind turbines
Province readers' objections to noise
Edmonton muffles motorcycles!
Protecting children from noise pollution — study
Cell phones and distracted vehicle-drivers
Why others' cell phone coversations annoy us
Teen proves hard rock is rots your brain— research
Study to develop "musical prescriptions" for patients
Noise dispute results in stabbing murder in Surrrey, BC
Editorial opinions by Hans Schmid, others: The accousic nightmare is only getting worse despite efforts to turn it around

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Content Spring 2010

Olympic spoof medals for noisemakers
Successful court cases
MP3 player: noise limits coming
Headphones + loud music = fatalities
Accoustics week in Canada: Symposium in Victoria, Oct. 13-15
Deterring birds with disco balls
Electric cars too quiet?
Sound-sensitive woman finds a way to cope with noise

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Content Winter 2010

World's quietest science lab
Music as punishment– Arizona prison
Noise as therapy or Noise Therapy (music group's name)
Skin and hair help to hear
Night noise guidelines– WHO report
Howling "hailers" at Olympics?
Hospitals exceed noise limits
Noise interferes with social cues
Germany moves to limit railway noise
Rio to quieten its beaches

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Content Fall 2009

Sonic scrutiny: Decibel levels around the Vancouver region
Canada Line noise problems
Eurocities-Working Group Noise
Cleaveland's tough noise ordinance
Leed-USA has few refernences to noise
"One Square Inch of Silence" book and CD donated to the B.C. Public Libraries System
Mega noise in the mega-mall
The Mosquito loiterer-repellant
Skunks sensitive to noise

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Spring 2006 Noiseletter

Content Spring 2009

RTQ at Vancouver Wellness Show
Noise imperils ocean creatures
"Acoustic City" in Austria: imposed noise banned

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Content Winter 2009

Distress call from New Zealand
Letter to campaigning Vancouver politicians
Goats as lawn mowers in Los Angeles
Noise-reduction suggestions and strategies

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Content Fall 2008

Human noise altering Earth's ecology (the "biphony")
Urban noise stresses out songbirds
British law to muzzle complaints re construction noise
Silent rave: group dancing to one's own headphones
TV noise as background distracts, hurts child development
Louder music manipulates drinking habits
Cloak of silence coming, to insulate your house from noise

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Content Spring 2008

Police indifference to noise complaint: contributed to fatality?
Noise and detrimental stress responses
Kindergarten teachers wear hearing protection
Frustration in getting municipal action on noise
-- a personal experience in Istanbul
Upcoming events

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Spring 2006 Noiseletter

Content Winter 2008

A siren call to turn down the incessant wail
Silence is hard to take for some, but necessay to percieve and
understand things
Noise and blood pressure
Agricultural noise—bird-scare cannons
Hush motorbikes for a Civil City
Sound and mood

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Content Fall 2007

Air traffic noise causes illness
Spanish mayor faces jail for not enforcing noice laws
Britain no longer at peace with itself
Anti-noise lobbying successful in Ashcroft, BC

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Content Spring 2007

Right to Quiet 25th Anniversary
International Noise Awareness Day
Search for tranquility
Roots of why some noises annoy
Real estate info should include noise info
Noise control in building design
Samples of queries to Right to Quiet Society
Legal Assistance Fund

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Content Winter 2007

Hockey noise a hazard
Don't moan�take action
Want to reduce stress? Keep quiet!
How much sound is too much?
Construction noise�on Sundays?
Aircraft noise issues�air shows; helicopters
Noise used in toughinterrogation techniques
Right to Quiet turns 25 this year

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Spring 2006 Noiseletter

Content Fall 2006

Noise and violent reactions
New, interesting books
Noise effects on adaptive mating calls and mate location
Monitoring sounds using artificial eggs in nests
Noise Awareness day observed
Letter to Members of Parliament, Ottawa
Noise issues get media attention
New allies debut

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Spring 2006 Noiseletter

Content Spring 2006

Oasis of silence
Three examples of bad noise management
Sudden death from noise
Silencing cell-phones
Vancouver emergency phone numbers
Acoustic scarecrow menace
Noisy alternatives
Monster stereos are hot tickets for clamp down
Quiet option for car-access noise
Activists want to curb noise pollution
Australian law limits noise
Opinion poll on "muzak" in Germany

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Spring 2006 Noiseletter

Content Winter 2006

Noise may increase risk of heart attack
Monza gears up for formula hush
Noise through the ages
Noise from heat pump resolved
Justice served after animals died
First "silent" airliner
Creative search for quiet residential places
Noise by-law enforcement in a U.S. town
Woman arrested for blasting rock music
Court backs city's right to regulate noise
Just Dance sound-levels

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Content Winter 2005

Quebec judge ruled to close "snowmobile highway"
Loud toys, music damaging kids' ears
Leaf blowers banned in Vancouver's West End
Car-alarm Update
"TV-zapper reality" at last
Cell-phone jamming in France
Rising noise at night keeps Britain awake
Background noises cause brain activity to slow
Financial compensation after pop concert

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Content Fall 2005

Noise victim wins in court
Babies show signs of crying in the womb
Norway bans babies from most cinemas, fearing exposure to violence
Noise as election issue
Aircraft noise may affect children's reading and memory
Lowering the boom on boom-cars
Ooh La Loud

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Content Spring 2005

For April 2005: A Quiet Diet
Classrooms too noisy
Noisy daycare reduces retiree to tears
Wagner tops the road hazard hit parade
Unhealthy noise on the rise in hospitals, care facilities
Omnipresent "muzak"
Best of Vancouver - Quietest haircut
Only male fin whales sing loud songs
Noises of war form daily sound-track for Baghdadis
Cell-phone shushing gets creative
Noise and addiction

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Winter 2004

Season soured by stentorian songs
Overseas Visitors to Vancouver
Fun-couver fall-out
Legal Assistance Fund
"Quiet Commotion" in Colorado
Noisy Apple?

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Fall 2004

Float-plane noise petition
Revved-up traffic noise plagues U.S. cities
Leaf blower ban blown with the wind
Imposed sound on German busses
Music on the telephone
Movie sound and sound that moves the mood
Noisy workplace causes women to overdo snacking, study finds
Second-hand snoring
Ssssh! We can't hear
British ducks have accents, study finds

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Spring 2004
Postal stamps for noise awareness
Does your computer have to be so loud?
New York City Council dealing with noisy car alarms
Proposed car-alarm ban in Vancouver
Noisy Moscow - Excessive noise levels afflict 70 percent of Moscow
Change to decibel-based noise bylaw in Victoria
Noisy wards harm patients
Thai karaoke taxi

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Fall 2003

West Vancouver Noise By-law "Bogus" Addendum
Update on Leaf Blower Restrictions in Vancouver
Noise By-law Amendments re. Construction Noise - Vancouver
"Considerate Contractor" scheme in the U.K.
"Whistle tips" banned in California
Effects of Infrasound
Stillness: Daily Gifts of Solitude by Richard Mahler�Book Review

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Spring 2003

West Vancouver Noise By-law Bogus
Massive Noise Assault by US Navy Sonar
Reducing Computer Fan Noise
Automakers Feed Boom Car Frenzy
Noise Contributes to Pharmacy Errors
Sound Scrutiny - Mozart's Music Measured
Grey Whales Not To Be Tracked By Sonar
Parks Canada Tackles Camper Noise
Calgary Outlaws Excessive Engine Idling
Noise Rage Fatality in San Francisco
Tips for Reducing Household Noise
Operation Silent Night
Love Parade Noise Gave Zoo Animals Diarrhoea
Another Toy for the Noise Addicted

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to top

Fall 2002

Vancouver Council Rescinds Future Ban on Leaf Blowers - BC Fraser Valley
Victoria Adopts Decibel-Based Noise Bylaw
Noise Quiz
Pill Trumpeted as Hearing Saver
Enforcement is Key

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Spring 2002

Our 20th Anniversary Year!
Right to Quiet Legal Fund
Quiet Gardening Grows
Leaf Blower Ban Rescinded
'Stealth Campaign"
Loud Toys Can Damage Hearing
Airport Noise Jettisons Property Values
Update on Jericho Volleyball Courts
Commercial Drive Goes Downhill
Conspicuous Parallels - Perfumes
Concert Organizers Held Liable for Hearing Damage
The Cost Of Sleeplessness
The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine N. Aron, Ph.D., 1996 - Book Review

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The presiding judge of the high court in Hamburg once wrote: "When two persons have a right and each of them can exercise his right ONLY by infringing on that of the other person, then the one has to yield who would encroach on the other person more than would be the case in reverse... That means that the imposition of having to hear something encroaches more on the personality than would the deprivation of being denied to hear something. Subsequently, the right not having to hear imposed audio is to prevail." - Fall 2004 Noiseletter

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