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‘Noise Snare’ tested in Calgary

City may employ device by next summer after pilot project proves ‘technology works’

By Jen Gerson, Calgary Herald, Nov. 12, 2011

Motorcycle riders and hotrod enthusiasts beware: the Noise Snare is one step closer to squelching your high-decibel expressions of mechanical masculinity.

After spending months testing the accuracy of a new device that pairs a noise-reader with a camera, the city is confident they can reliably pinpoint bylaw breakers. The $112,500 device was offered to Calgary for free as the municipality was the first to pilot the gadget. “Now we’ve had a very successful pilot that has proven the technology works,” said Bill Bruce, the city’s director of bylaw services. “We’ve had it tested by a very reputable local acoustic engineer.” The results will go to committee for review on Nov. 16 and will have to be approved by council. Bruce said they are recommending a fine of $200.

Ward 8 Ald. John Mar said the next step will involve offering Calgarians free clinics to test the hubbub of their vehicles. If all goes well, the city could be handing out tickets by summer. “This is something that will allow municipalities across North America to start enforcing (noise) bylaws. The fact that now it's been proven to be an accurate test is very, very important,” he said. Bruce said bylaw officers in the past had to pull over resoundingly offensive vehicles. By comparison, the Noise Snare will pop a picture of noisy cars and mail owners the ticket. Electrical engineer Mark Nesdoly invented the snare after a loud motorcycle awoke his sleeping daughter one night. The city has no plan to purchase a second device, which is portable and can be set up anywhere bylaw outlaws may roam.

Editor’s note: As soon as Noise Snare was in the news there were denouncing comments posted on the HD Forums (Harley Davidson website) like the following:
Here's something I hope doesn't make its way down from the Great White North. The Noise Snare is basically a decibel meter attached to a camera, so it works like a speed camera, but for noise. Ride past it with pipes that are too loud, and you get a $200 ticket in the mail. Mark Nesdoly invented this latest surveillance nanny after a motorcycle woke up his daughter, which surely endears it to the legions of meddling whiners who eat pizza with a knife and fork and exist to complain.

Personally, I'm sick to death of parents who feel the entire world should be a soft cocoon tuned to coddle their offspring. I don't know... If I have to listen to your little brat bray in a restaurant or scream on a cross-country flight, maybe these folks could suck it up once in a while. Initial testing has just been completed up in Calgary, and if all goes according to plan, Noise Snares could be up and running by summer. Oh Canada indeed.
- By John Coyle, HD Forums, via Calgary Herald.

The bias expressed on HD Forums shouldn’t surprise anybody. Noisy gadgets bring big profits, as they serve to satisfy innate egocentric desires. Continued on page 2 is the text posted on the Noise Snare website for further information.

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