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Backup Warning Devices:

  • R.F. Knapp Company -- manufacturers of radar alarm systems that can reduce or eliminate noise from backup beepers.
  • SenseTech -- Senses objects behind a vehicle and alerts the operator to their presence, eliminating the need for a backup warning device.
  • ASKO -- In consumer tests, 91% rated ASKO as quietest. 30% of the unit's weight is sound deadening material.
  • Bosch -- A highly advanced, integrated sound reduction system makes the Bosch SH dishwasher series "so quiet you almost have to touch them to know they're running."
  • Electrolux AEG -- Has the lowest noise level and water consumption (15 litres) on the market.
Range Hoods:
  • Sears carries the "Kenmore Elite" line of range hoods whose fan noise is some 50% reduced.
Dog collars, Anti-bark (stops nuisance barking): Garage Door Openers: Headphones and Headsets: Lawn Mowers, Push-Reel: [yep, they still make the motorless reel mower. We find it just as easy to push as the heavy, noisy gas-guzzlers. Once you've used one, you'll wonder what all that weekend racket is accomplishing.]
  • American Lawn Mower Co. -- "Founded in 1895... largest producer of push reel mowers operating in the United States"
  • Sunlawn -- Lightest, Quietest push reel mower available... #1 Selling push mower in Europe"
Lawn Mowers, Electric:
  • RoboMow - This battery powered robot mower is "practically silent, with low energy consumption and no pollution."
  • Husqvarna Automatic Battery Powered Mower - Fully automatic. Even returns to its own charging station as needed.
  • Husqvarna Solar Mower "Almost Soundless" - The Solar Mower won't annoy anyone. Both you and your neighbours can enjoy an afternoon lazing in the sun.
Leaf Collection:
  • LEAF IT Netting -- Netting allowing silent collection of fallen leaves and undisturbed growth of newly seeded grassy areas underneath.
Personal Computers:
  • End PC Noise -- Sales of quiet computers and computer products. You can buy products to silence your computer yourself or have them build you a customized
  • Silent Computer System that is "ready to use and quieter than a whisper."
  • The Silent PC
Sound Localization:
  • Brown Innovations Virtual Audio Imager -- Concentrates sound where it's intended, reducing the intrusion on those nearby. Outside the "intended listening region" sound levels drop by over 80 percent.
Soundproofing: Rainbow Line

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