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Noise Research and Readings

This page contains dozens of links to studies and news reports on noise, including book reviews and editorials.

Academic Articles
Book Reviews
Editorials and Essays
News Releases
Technical Articles
World News and Opinion

Academic Articles

Road traffic noise and incident myocardial infarction:
A prospective cohort study   (Sorensen et al, 2012)
(Full text)
Sleep disturbance due to noise: Current issues and future research   (Hume, 2010) (Full text)
The effect of transportation noise on health and cognitive development: A review of recent evidence   (Clark and Stansfield, 2007) (Full text)
Transportation noise and cardiovascular risk: Updated review and synthesis of epidemiological studies indicate that the evidence has increased   (Babisch 2006) (Full text)

Book Reviews

Health effects

-Some non-auditory effects of noise are: Cardiovascular constriction, elevated blood pressure, increased heart rate, more laboured breathing, measurable changes in skin resistance and skeletal muscle tension, digestive system changes, glandular activity altering the chemical content of blood and urine, vestibular effect, balance sense effect, changes in brain chemistry and more....

Dr. Luther Terry - Former US Surgeon General   —

Noiseletter, Spring 2001

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