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Book Review

Neighbours from Hell
Managing Today's Brand of Conflict Close to Home

by Bob Borzotta

From the book's back jacket
Over the course of a decade, former Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Bob Borzotta experimented with neighbor dispute resolution in an anything-goes era, where un-neighborliness has come to dominate many a community landscape. His research and results - along with his reputation for socially responsible, lawful guidance to the suffering - have made him the go-to-guy for good neighbors, community leaders and the news media. In Neighbors From Hell, Borzotta presents the cultural shift away from Loving Thy Neighbor as a serious social problem, and bad neighbors as symptoms of a growing issue that threatens to make good communities ultimately unlivable. In a seemingly irresolvable conflict like a neighbor war, the bad guy often wins, sending the good guy packing. And it doesn't have to be that way. Borzotta's insights provide the scope of the problem and his methods demonstrate that living NFH-free is possible when we master the art of choosing the right neighborhood, behaving positively and diplomatically with our neighbors, and properly correcting that which needs our attention. His "Good Neighbor Underclass" of decent citizens need suffer alone no longer.

Publisher: CreateSpace (November 1, 2009)
Publication Date: Nov. 1, 2009 ISBN/EAN13: 1449582702/9781449582708
Page Count: 172 List price: US$ 18.00. For publisher's purchase page, click here.

About the author:
Borzotta is a former reporter with the Philadelphia Inquirer, Associated Press, and many other news organizations. His book, Neighbors From Hell, and its companion web site NeighborsFromHell.com, have made Borzotta the go-to source on the subject for ABC News, National Public Radio, CNN, local papers, and stations around the U.S. Producers want him to appear on daytime talk shows and even host his own show. Thousands have sought his reliable, responsible consultation for handling their own neighbor disputes, and he has been providing it since 2000.

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