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Quiet Places to Dine

The following establishments have been recommended by our Vancouver Island members for quiet dining. With our goal of putting together a guide to quiet dining and shopping locations in mind, all visitors are invited to submit additions to this list for future publication. It is important to reward those businesses who respect the soundscape with our loyalty, and to make them aware that this aspect of the environment they provide has resulted in our patronage. Click here to submit your favourite quiet place to the list.

Quiet Dining on Vancouver Island

Brentwood Bay

  • The Chalet (expensive)
  • Garden St. Café (reservations only)
Victoria / Greater Victoria
  • Camille's, 45 Bastion Square, 381-3433 (Expensive, excellent food, very quiet)
  • Four Mile House (restaurant), 199 Island Highway, 479-2514 (lovely decor, very quiet, excellent food and service, somewhat expensive)
  • Pounders Restaurant, 535 Yates, 388-3181 (quiet, Mongolian food)
  • John's Other Place, 1652C Island Highway, 474-6417 (modest, moderate prices, excellent food, quiet)
  • Romeo's downtown, 760 Johnson, 383-2121 (quiet, gentle background music, moderate prices, very good food and Scotch. Probably other Romeo's are also fine; haven't been to them recently)
  • Millos Restaurant, 716 Burdett, 382-4422 (Greek, busy, fairly quiet, belly dancing weekends)
  • Kipling's (the Empress Hotel), 721 Government St., 389-2727 (inexpensive dinner buffet, quiet, excellent food)
  • Charles Dickens Pub, 633 Humboldt St., 361-2600 (quiet, good pub food)
  • Malahat Mountain Inn, 265 Trans-Canada Highway, 478-1944 (quiet, somewhat expensive, excellent food)
  • My-Chosen Café, 4492 Happy Valley Road, 474-2333 (quiet, moderate prices, very good food)
  • The Parsonage, North Park Rd. (vegetarian, excellent food, good prices, small, can be a little noisy with drink machines)
  • Green Cuisine, Market Square (vegetarian, buy by weight, good food & prices, quiet)
  • The Aerie Resort - off Island Highway, 743-7115 (high class restaurant, unsurpassed view of Finlayson Arm, expensive - a celebration meal place)

Many thanks to Anne Spencer and those members who helped her to compile this listing.


The February 26, 2001 issue of Time magazine contained an article citing recent surveys where noise was the number one complaint of diners in Boston, St. Louis, Long Island, and New Jersey, and number two in New York City behind poor service. The growing discontent is prompting some owners to address the issue with lower volumes and soundproofing measures.

- Noiseletter,
Spring 2001



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