Awareness and Advocacy Resources

Among our greatest assets is our ability to reach out to the people in our network, which has grown significantly during the last several years. When we’re called upon to advise about problems beyond our competence, most often we can make a good referral. When we work with journalists, we’re usually able to make referrals to other in our field with different perspectives. Our list has room for more, and feedback is welcome.


Technology for a Quieter America
Why Noise Matters
Unwanted Sound
Volume Control
In Pursuit of Silence
Sound and Noise
Silence in the Age of Noise
Revolt of the Moles
Golden - The power of silence in a world of noise
Le Silence se glisse pres de toi
The Silence Slips In - Alison Hughes
The Organisation Leaves No Traces - John Stewart
On Quiet - Nikki Gemmell
Listen to the Raindrops - Arline Bronzaft
One Square Inch of Silence Gordon Hempton


The American Tinnitus Association provides information, resources, and research findings.

Provides information, resources, and research findings


Established to raise awareness of effects of noise on hearing and health

hyperacusis research

Facilitates and supports biomedical research and provides resources to improve quality of life

Noise Free America

Comprehensive resources, expert advice, and political advocacy

Hyperacusis Network

Information, resources, and support for hyperacusis, tinnitus, and other conditions

Noise Pollution Clearinghouse

Comprehensive listings include a database of noise ordinances, codes, and bylaws

Grow NYC

Educational content about sound, noise, and health includes solutions to common noise problems and information for parents

UK Noise Association

Scientific news in plain language, quarterly newsletter, and UK and European resources

Stop the Chop NY/NJ

Addresses noise from nonessential helicopter flights over New York City and parts of New Jersey

Quiet Communities

Harm reduction programs address landscaping equipment other noise sources

Guide to Modified Exhaust Systems

Guidebook to assist law enforcement officers, motor vehicle inspectors, and others

Horn Free

Grassroots advocacy addressing nonemergency vehicle alerts that use horn sounds

Noise Regulation in Canada

Canadian federal and provincial noise regulations and municipal bylaws can also be found on this website of HGC Engineering:

Noise and your health, Government of Canada

Position Paper on Noise Pollution, Canadian Hearing Services

Right to Quiet occasionally provides financial support for unusual cases through our Legal Assistance Fund. For further details, write to


Landlord’s and tenant’s responsibilities respecting quiet

Bylaw enforcement: best practices guide

Other smaller municipalities and districts have their own regulations.


Bylaw 49-1


Bylaw 6647

District of North Saanich

Bylaw 1383

District of North Vancouver

Noise Regulation Bylaw, Bylaw 7188

Regional District of Central Okanagan

Bylaw 403

Regional District of North Okanagan

Bylaw 2581

Peace River Regional District

Links to Bylaw 1084 and Bylaw 1125


Noise Bylaw 1940

District of Central Saanich

Bylaw 933


Bylaw 1689

Sunshine Coast Regional District

Bylaw 597

District of West Vancouver

Noise Control Bylaw 4404

White Rock

Bylaw 2018


Saint John

M-22 is bylaw respecting prevention of excessive noise in City of Saint John


Nova Scotia Environment and Labor
Guidelines for Environmental Noise Measurement and Assessment


Summary of proposed Noise and Disturbances Bylaw, given first reading by Amherst town council in June 2021. A notice of intention to adopt must be published, a public hearing must be held, and council must give bylaw a second reading before it is sent to the Department of Municipal Affairs and Housing. Once that happens, the bylaw will go into effect.

Cape Breton Regional Municipality and Sydney

Bylaw Respecting Noise



Province provides guidelines and regulates noise from industrial and renewable energy sources.

Provincial government overview

Condominium Authority of Ontario advisory

Noise bylaws in connection with construction

Protection from noise of aggregate operations (gravel pits and quarries)

Bylaws of municipalities of over 100,000 population.  Other smaller municipalities have their own regulations, and regions (such as York Regional District) offer advice on proper procedure for filing complaints.

Thunder Bay

Bylaw 131-2005


Règlement 0527 (en français) 


Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association occupational health and safety law

Noise Control and Hearing Conservation summary