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Fall 2006

Noise and violent Reactions

Ever more frequently, there are reports of noise and violent reactions. Unfortunately, the responsible authorities do little or nothing pro-active to curb preventable noise. Especially, much more relevant education is sorely lacking. Following are accounts of several recent cases that happened in various parts of British Columbia.

Victim's beating caught on 911 tape

Vancouver, BC – Police have released the recording of a man's call for help as he was being clubbed severely.

By Maurice Bridge

Vancouver police have released a recording from a 911 call in a bid to identify the suspects in a beating that took place Aug. 6 in the 900-block of E. 40th Avenue. A 47-year-old victim required emergency neurosurgery for severe head trauma after he was assaulted by a group of young men in front of his home when he went outside to investigate screeching tires and loud noise at 12:30 a.m.

In the recording, the victim can be heard on his cell phone speaking to an operator as he approaches a car and begins to read out the licence-plate number. At that point, a voice, which investigators believe is that of an Indo-Canadian youth, starts cursing savagely. After a few seconds of invective, two beeps are  heard, apparently from the cell phone keyboard, and then a low, visceral moaning begins, mounting to a hoarse, incoherent wailing - the sound of the desperately wounded victim after he was struck in the head with what police describe as a metal club. In the background, his wife can be heard screaming hysterically.

"He suffered some very serious, serious injuries," Vancouver police
Const. Howard Chow said Thursday. "He's got a long road to recovery ahead of him."

Investigators believe six to eight youths in two vehicles described as dark, four-door sedans were involved in the attack. Several witnesses at the scene described the attackers as young Indo-Canadian men. Detective Derek Adams said police hope someone who hears the tape will be able to identify the suspect's voice. Police also have the first two licence-plate numbers - three and seven - which the victim was able to record before he was smashed to the ground.

Adams said there have been prior complaints in the area about vehicles racing and youths drinking in a nearby schoolyard. He added police warn against confrontation in such incidents.

"The advice we give to people who are dealing with situations like this is to remain indoors, phone 911 and not alert these individuals that police are on the way," he said.

The recording has been given to radio and television media outlets, and can also be heard on the VPD (Vancouver Police Department) website at <vancouver.ca/police/Media/links/911Call.wav>. Warning: language and content may be disturbing. Anyone with information about
the incident is asked to call the police at 604-717-2814.

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