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Quiet Items

Select quiet items will be available again as part of our Spring 2021 website redesign.

Fractured noise
Globe man
Bumper sticker

Right to Quiet T-Shirt
For a higher-resolution picture of the T-shirt, Click here.

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Set of 10 Muzak comment cards
(5J + 5L, or your choice, up to a total of 10) Cards are Described below.




1 sheet of 20 round adhesive stickers with our globe-man in blue, and a Noise Hurts?? caption in red




quiet bumper stickers

$3.00 each or 4 for $10.00



Noise T-shirts. Shirts are white, with Noise in red text, and Globe-man in blue.
Size: M____ L ____ XL ____

$17 each



Sub total no sales tax,




just applicable postage will be added to the total price.

Total merchandise




The comment cards are leave-behinds that tell cafes whether you had a pleasant, quiet experience in their establishment, or an unpleasant, noisy experience. This is something that can similarly be accomplished using the SoundPrint app.

Did you know?

The New York City Council, by a 40-9 vote, approved an ordinance prohibiting the use of cell phones at public performances.
The preamble to Jamaica's 1997 Noise Abatement Act reads, "The level of noise in Jamaica both by day and by night has become truly appalling and it is affecting the health and welfare of the nation."

Madrid, Spain has launched a blitz to curb the widespread bellowing, honking, carousing, slot machines, TVs, nighttime construction and other vexatious behaviours which have become endemic in that city.

About the Right to Quiet Society To contact us See our sitemap